the list cannot be displayed in datasheet view for one or more of the following reasons

For some very dumb strange reason Microsoft forgot about SharePoint datasheet view when developing Office 2010 64bit. I recently installed Windows 7 x64bit with Microsoft Office 2010 64bit. Now there are many people out there who dont recommend installing Office 2010 64bit (install 32bit instead) for various reasons but Microsoft continues to push us to 64 bit so why shouldn’t we make the most of costly Ram capacity.


If you are like me and have installed Office 2010 64 bit and utilise SharePoint 2007/2010 on a regular basis then you are bound to run into a very weird error. This error comes up when trying to edit a list in “datasheet view”, a common practice in SharePoint for bulk data management. Unfortunately, Microsoft forgot about this module and doesn’t install the required ActiveX object that comes with Office 2007 and Office 20010 32 bit.


To resolve this issue you simply need to download and install the link below. This basically installs the required files for Active X to run, storing them in the x86 programs files folder.


Please leave a comment if you run into this issue as well.